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One other example is where a Mussau-Emira word, paua ‘dog’, exists side-by-side with a loan word, roko ‘dog’, presumably because the Mussau-Emira word sounds like the Tok Pisin word pawa ‘power’. Similarly, popo (though pronounced poopoo, it is spelt as in Tok Pisin) is used alongside paea for pawpaw, presumably because of the similarity of paea and Tok Pisin paia ‘fire’. Again, the Mussau-Emira word kko ‘fish’ (otherwise koko or ko) is being replaced by a Tok Pisin borrowing pisi, presumably because of the similarity of koko to the Tok Pisin kok ‘penis’.

Down. ‘Death will take you two, and you will go back to the ground. ’ (12) a. Vause ateva ghe toka=la e=Magean.. woman SG:I PAST sit=PF LOC=Magean. Paua ateva e=aso-aso tale ai-toka-toka ateva.. dog SG:I 3sS=RED-lie PREP NOM=RED-sit SG:I. ’ It seems that a reduplicated intransitive verb without a derivational prefix can be used as an abstract noun as well, as shown in the following list and example. toka ‘sit’ toka-toka-ghi ‘my life’ 39 masina ‘be good’ maa-masinaa-ne ‘its goodness’ mate mate-mate ‘die’ ‘a/the dead person’ maulue ‘live’ maa-mauluaa-ne ‘his life’ (13) Ia pasu-i=a tale maa-masinaa-ne.

Kealo, tama-na ta Goma. Kealo father-3sP ART Goma. ’ b. Goma tama-ne-i=a Kealo.. Goma father-3sP-TR=3sO Kealo. ’ There may be a difference between the two forms of the third person independent pronouns: ia and ie, lalu and ilalu, latolu and ilatolu, laata and ilaata, la and ila. ” As with -na and -ne, this may be a fourth person marking, or a discourse feature of introducing a new group. An example follows, but further study is needed. 35 (10) Vause atoa la=elei unguaa-ira, me taita atoa woman PL 3p=do work-3pP and man PL .

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