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By Frank Harary

Awarded in 1962–63 through specialists at college university, London, those lectures supply quite a few views on graph idea. even supposing the hole chapters shape a coherent physique of graph theoretic options, this quantity isn't a textual content at the topic yet relatively an creation to the vast literature of graph thought. The seminar's subject matters are aimed at complicated undergraduate scholars of mathematics.
Lectures by means of this volume's editor, Frank Harary, contain "Some Theorems and ideas of Graph Theory," "Topological ideas in Graph Theory," "Graphical Reconstruction," and different introductory talks. a chain of invited lectures follows, that includes shows via different experts at the college of college collage in addition to traveling students. those contain "Extremal difficulties in Graph conception" through Paul Erdös, "Complete Bipartite Graphs: Decomposition into Planar Subgraphs," through Lowell W. Beineke, "Graphs and Composite Games," by way of Cedric A. B. Smith, and a number of other others.

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