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72) mxhs« p« `l« g pts« xd «o«tvdxh+--mxh=s« m=p« `l« gm=pt=s« xd «,o,v«,`xh 1S=& 1S=POSS uncle INDEF=M=& 1D ASS-come-descend-1D/DSR ‘I and an uncle of mine, we went down and…’ 73) ... 1 Compound heads Quite frequently, however, the head of the noun phrase is a complex of two or more nouns in which there is a progression from more general to more specific identification of the referent.

Some roots consistently use singular forms regardless of the number of the ‘possessor’; other roots reference number for second person possessors only. Table 15 and Table 16 show the possessor prefixes and the third-person enclitics respectively; their relatedness to the personal pronouns (Table 8) and the demonstrative gender/number clitics Table 11 is transparent. The parentheses in Table 15 reflect the limited usage of those prefixes, whereas those in Table 16 indicate variation in the form of the enclitics.

Especially in that context but also occasionally when used as pronouns, a further enclitic can be added to the demonstrative to indicate that the NP/pronoun is identifying one of the speech act participants; these will be referred to as the PERSONALIZING CLITICS. In (57) the speaker wishes to refer to any one of the addressees and so uses the second singular form of the indefinite demonstrative; the regular second singular or plural pronoun from Table 8 would refer to one specific member of the audience or all of the audience collectively rather than the generic ‘any one of you’ desired here.

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