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A Reference booklet of English phrases and words for international technology scholars is a reference ebook of English phrases and words for international scholars, for use as an reduction while studying books on technological know-how, making notes, or while describing experiments. it truly is meant to coach the non-technical English phrases and words that are essential to describe and clarify issues and occasions scientifically. directions on find out how to use the e-book are integrated. constructed from 8 chapters, this ebook starts off by way of introducing the reader to characteristics of items (shape, composition, texture, colour, style and smell). next chapters specialise in family members (quantitative relatives and dimension, spatial family members and order, temporal relatives, complete and part); activities (change, movement, recommendations and use of apparatus); proof, options, and difficulties in technological know-how; the clinical process; causation and type; and the actual, the overall, and comparisons. This monograph is meant for international scholars who desire to write transparent, concise English and to appreciate extra truly the equipment utilized by scientists in fixing difficulties.

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W h a t does it taste like? I t tastes bitter. I t h a s a bitter 4. FOR FOREIGN P u t a little s u g a r o n y o u r t o n g u e . H o l d it t h e r e for a few seconds. T h e n wash your m o u t h out with clean water. W h a t d i d it taste like? I t tasted sweet. It had 3. A N D PHRASES taste. P u t a little acetic acid (vinegar) or l e m o n j u i c e on y o u r t o n g u e . W h a t does it taste like? It tastes sour. It h a s a sour taste. W h a t does distilled w a t e r taste like? Distilled w a t e r has no taste / is tasteless.

I t is malleable. I r o n r o d c a n b e pulled into thin wire. I t is ductile. 34 ENGLISH WORDS A N D PHRASES F O R FOREIGN SCIENCE STUDENTS T h e t h r e a d in (i) holds u p a l a r g e mass. T h e t h r e a d is strong. T h e t h r e a d in (ii) h a s n o t held u p a similar mass. T h e t h r e a d h a s b r o k e n . T h e t h r e a d is not strong. T h e t h r e a d is weak. T a k e a piece of . p a p e r . T r y to t e a r it i n t o t w o pieces. I f it tears easily t h e p a p e r is not strong.

A t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e iron is solid. What state is w a t e r in a t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e ? A t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e w a t e r is in the liquid state. A t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e w a t e r is a liquid. What state is o x y g e n in at r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e ? A t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e o x y g e n is in the gaseous state. A t r o o m t e m p e r a t u r e o x y g e n is a gas. 27 QUALITIES OF THINGS A classification of p u r e s u b s t a n c e s Pure substances I Elements ι Metals Compounds I Non-metals I I I I Acids Organic compounds — ι — Inorganic compounds Esters Alcohols ι—I I I Acids Bases Salts 28 ENGLISH W O R D S AND PHRASES F O R F O R E I G N SCIENCE STUDENTS (3) T E X T U R E to w e t wet / wetted wet / w e t t e d wetness to s a t u r a t e saturated saturated saturation to d a m p e n dampened dampened dampness wet saturated damp damply — to d r y dried dried dryness dry drily to d e s i c c a t e desiccated desiccated desiccation desiccated heaviness heavy heavily — to d e h y d r a t e dehydrated dehydrated dehydration dehydrated to h y d r a t e hydrated hydrated hydration hydrated — — to m o i s t e n moistened moistened moisture, moistness moist moistly — — anhydrous — — desiccator — lightness light lightly density, denseness dense densely porosity, porousness porous sparseness, sparsity compact compactly sparse sparsely sponginess spongy to polish polished polished polish polished gloss glossy glossily to b r i g h t e n brightened brightened brightness bright brightly 29 QUALITIES OF THINGS to dull dulled dulled dullness dull dully to m a t matted matted mat / matt / matte mat / matt / matte to soften softened softened softness soft softly to stiffen stiffened stiffened stiffness stiff stiffly rigidity rigid rigidly pliability pliable pliably firmness firm firmly malleability malleable — to strengthen strengthened strengthened strength strong strongly to weaken weakened weakened weakness weak weakly to toughen toughened toughened toughness tough toughly — fineness fine finely to smooth smoothed smoothed smoothness smooth smoothly — to harden hardened hardened hardness hard — to h o m o g e n i s e homogenised homogenised homogeneity homogeneous homogeneously heterogeneityheterogeneous heterogeneously to coarsen coarsened coarsened coarseness coarse coarsely to thicken thickened thickened thickness thick thickly to thin thinned thinned thinness thin thinly to roughen roughened roughened roughness rough roughly to flex flexed flexed flexibility flexible flexibly ductility ductile — brittleness brittle — — 30 ENGLISH W O R D S A N D PHRASES F O R F O R E I G N SCIENCE STUDENTS to slip slipped slipped slipperiness slippery elasticity elastic elasti'cally to soap soaped soaped soapiness soapy to w a x waxed waxed waxiness waxy to oil oiled oiled oiliness oily to plasticise plasticised plasticised plasticity plastic H e r e is a cloth in a vessel of w a t e r .

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