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By Jonathan Owens

ISBN-10: 0199563306

ISBN-13: 9780199563302

A Linguistic historical past of Arabic offers a reconstruction of proto-Arabic via the tools of historical-comparative linguistics. It demanding situations the conventional conceptualization of an outdated, Classical language evolving into the modern Neo-Arabic dialects. Professor Owens combines proven comparative linguistic method with a cautious studying of the classical Arabic resources, comparable to the grammatical and exegetical traditions. He arrives at a richer and extra complicated photo of early Arabic language background than is present at the present time and in doing so establishes the foundation for a complete, linguistically-based figuring out of the heritage of Arabic. The arguments are set out in a concise, case through case foundation, making it available to scholars and students of Arabic and Islamic tradition, in addition to to these learning Arabic and old linguists.

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With respect to Tapiete people, it is interesting to see that the higher percentage of exogenous couples concentrates on younger people, a tendency that contrasts with the large percentage of endogenous marriages among older people. This situation suggests that the practice of getting married to people not belonging to the Tapiete group is relatively new. All of the couples whose ages are between 61 and 70 are endogenous. On the other hand, exogenous marriages start to appear among 50-year-old people.

5) a-yuka 1SGAC-kill I kill (him/her) (6) a-ñani 1SGAC-run I run (7) sh-ankwa 1SGIN-speedy I am speedy (8) shi-mbori 1SGIN-help help me Finally, the default order of constituents in Tapiete is SOV (9); other orders are possible although they are pragmatically marked or are the result of Spanish influence (10). 1. Phonology Tapiete has fifteen consonants and twelve vowels, six orals and six nasals. e. e. high and low. g. g. Ava-Guarani), word stress in Tapiete falls on the penultimate syllable.

Some years later, this man went back to the Tapiete community with a Swedish missionary and started to evangelized Tapiete people using their mother tongue. 18 This probably happened in the late 60s, since some people who are currently almost forty years old still remember some rituals their parents and grandparents performed before their conversion. At present, Tapietes from Tartagal belong to the evangelical church called ‘La Asamblea de Dios’ (Assembly of God Church). As Hirsch (2004:6) points out the “conversion to Evangelism was a strong force towards culture change among the Tapiete.

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