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5-hour sessions works well. Participants get the opportunity to practise and to reflect on the session. They always come back with renewed enthusiasm. Spreading the word 15 4443-A HANDFUL OF SOUNDS TXT 27/4/04 4:02 PM Page 16 Working with pupils with speech and language difficulties From a speech and language therapy perspective, the system is wonderful. It is so easy to incorporate into individual treatment programs, and becomes one of the most useful strategies. The therapist will select the treatment approach most suitable for the child’s individual needs.

For example: p is for popcorn, p, p, p x3 p is for popcorn popping b is for ball, b,b,b x3 b is for balls bouncing s is for sausages, sssssssss x3 s is for sausages sizzling z is for zebra, zzzzzzzzzz x3 z is for zebras zooming The appropriate symbol with the colour coding was shown to the children as each verse was sung. Most of the children readily participated in this part of the session. Often, they were eager to show that they knew the next letter sound and what to sing, using the pictures from the wall chart.

By using two signs CA illustrates clearly that a blend is made up of two sounds. • Pupils with very little or no spoken language use the signs for the initial letters of their names and then use the signs to communicate with both adults and with each other. ” Conclusion We remain committed and enthusiastic users of the CA system, and are keen to continue ‘spreading the word’. CA is not difficult to learn, and with practice becomes an established and essential feature of one’s teaching and/or therapy.

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