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By Stewart Paton

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Via arranging usually used characters lower than the phonetic aspect they've got in universal, instead of in simple terms less than their radical, the dictionary encourages the coed to hyperlink characters in response to their phonetic. It is helping to mend within the reminiscence the hyperlink among a personality and its sound and that means.

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553, T form: and D. : S for zhuAng village, T: chuC to blow. This character is qiàn to owe, radical 76, No. 541, plus for kIu mouth, radical 30, see No. 396. chuí to hang down. + 167: chuí a hammer; + 109: shuì to sleep. 117 118 , . ; , see Nos. 65 and 922. , The letter C: Nos 119–124 119 120 121 122 123 124 22 chEn spring. f. phonetic in: T form for zhuAng stake, S form: D. : fèng to give, No. 206, which lists similar characters. chún pure; simple. + 163: T form for cEn village, S form: + 30: dEn ton; + 181: dùn pause.

Guì dear; expensive, No. f. phonetic in: pBn to spurt; gush. + 61: guàn to be used to. The letter G: Nos 254–260 254 255 46 guAng light. + huC brightness, for : guFng jEn army, see No. 378. wide; vast. Note T form basic: huáng yellow, No. 293; D. S form f. S form for chFng factory, T form: + 112: kuàng ore deposit; + 64: kuò to expand. No. 80. 256 guC regulation; rule. 257 guH ghost; spirit. Radical 194. + 32: T form for kuài piece, S form: , see also No. 375; + 164: T form for chIu ugly, S form: (for other characters using this shape see entry No.

111; + 94: dú only; alone; + 140: jiFn cocoon; + 184: shí to lose; corrode. chóng zhòng repeat; again. weight; heavy, listed separately as No. 912. + 144: T form for chDng to rush; dash, No. 101, S form: + 140: dIng to supervise; + 140 and 61: dIng to understand; + 19: T form for dòng to move, No. 166, S form: chòu smelly; foul. : huáng emperor, No. 292. ; The letter C: Nos 106–112 106 107 108 109 110 chE to go or come out. + 44: qE to bend; injustice. chE at the beginning. This character is dAo knife, No.

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