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TV at the moment. a) watch b) is watching c) are watching d) watched 16. Mrs Brent went to the fishmonger's ... some fish. a) to buy b) for to buy c) for buying d) for buy 6. My grandmother spends the day ... a) watching TV b) watching the TV c) seeing the TV d) looking the TV 17. That's Marian over there. What's she looking 7. " "... train" a) By b) On c) In the d) With the a) to c) on b)d)at 8. Most people in this village go to ... Sundays. a) church on b) church the c) the church in d) church on the 18.

Children ... to school on Sundays. a) don't go b) doesn't go c) don't goes d) not go 3. " "... " a) Into b) In c) On d) At 13. "Shirley, ... " "Yes, Mum, I'm very cold". a) have b) is c) are d) has 4. The policeman was standing ... the corner. a) on b) in c) over d) into 14. Lucy ... to her parents nearly every week. a) write b) writes c) is writing d) writing 5. When ... going to come to see us? a) are you b) you are c) do you d) you're 15. there many people in Europe last century? I ... to have a piece of toast.

She had been sick. a) such b) the same c) as if d) so 15. If he ... taller, he would get the job. I felt like kicking ... when I saw the exam paper. a) myself b) me c) mine d) my 16. He ... come in time, but I don't think he will. a) might b) ought c) can d) would 7. Hardly had he fastened his safety belt when the plane ... off. a) had taken b) took c) has taken d) is taking 17. I speak to you, Mr. Smith, or are you busy? a) Might b) May c) Ought d) Must 8. That little girl ... for the last two days.

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