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Use the controls in the Rendered Frame Window to save your image. com/namespace/atict" class="Body">Grab—Opens the Rendered Frame Window with a snapshot of the active viewport. Cancel—Cancels the Grab Viewport command. Comments 58 Grab Viewport View-Handling Commands 59 View-Handling Commands Menu bar > Views menu These viewport-handling commands are provided on the default main menu: Views Menu Undo View Change / Redo View Change Save Active View Restore Active View Display Color Rollout Grids Submenu Viewport Background Viewport Background Dialog Select Background Image Dialog Update Background Image Reset Background Transform Show Transform Gizmo Show Ghosting Show Key Times Shade Selected Show Dependencies Create Camera From View Add Default Lights to Scene Add Default Lights To Scene Dialog Redraw All Views Activate All Maps Deactivate All Maps Update During Spinner Drag Adaptive Degradation Toggle View-Handling Commands 59 60 Undo View Change / Redo View Change Smart Object Culling Expert Mode See also Viewing and Navigating 3D Space Views Menu Quad Menu Comments Undo View Change / Redo View Change Views menu > Undo View Change or Redo View Change Keyboard > SHIFT+Z (Undo) or SHIFT+Y (Redo) Undo View Change cancels the last change made to the current viewport.

See Cameras. Click Light Hotspot for a light viewport to achieve the same effect as zooming. The hotspot is the inner of the two circles or rectangles visible in a light viewport. Objects inside the hotspot are illuminated with the full intensity of the light. Objects between the hotspot and falloff are illuminated with decreasing intensity as objects approach the falloff boundary. See Using Lights. Navigating Camera and Light Views 55 56 Navigating Camera and Light Views Moving a Camera or Light View You move a camera or light view by clicking one of the following buttons and dragging in the camera or light viewport.

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3ds max 8 user reference.2005 by King Vega by Alessandro Baldasseroni

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