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By Mark E. Limes

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This thesis describes longitudinal nuclear leisure measurements of strong 129Xe close to seventy seven okay with formerly not possible reproducibility, and demonstrates transformations in rest, established upon the way the cast is condensed. those effects are without delay appropriate to the iteration and garage of enormous amounts of hyperpolarized 129Xe for varied purposes, resembling lung magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The thesis incorporates a subtle theoretical method of those info units, together with changes to a well-established Raman-phonon scattering thought that can clarify the bigger scatter in and discrepancies with prior work.

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The spin-rotation coefficient cK (Rβα ) can be expanded about Rβα to first order in creation/annihilation operators, giving (0) (0) cK (Rβα ) = cK (|Rβα + Sβα |) = cK (Rβα ) + Sβα · = cK0 1 + d cK (R )∇Rβα Rβα |R(0) + . . βα dR (0) Rβα d cK (R )|R(0) Sβα · βα cK0 dR R0 1 = cK0 1 + 0 R02 (0) . 33) Plugging this into Eq. 34) where the first term (v(1) ) has a single phonon creation/annihilation operator, and the second term (v(2) ) under the sum involves two phonon creation/annihilation operators.

The Ottawa group also claims that annealing at 142 K has no effect, but it is unclear as to why it has no effect. 2 2 This seems to defeat the purpose of using hyperpolarized xenon, as enough polarization should be present in the 129 Xe for high-resolution T1 measurements. 2 Longitudinal Relaxation in Solid 129 Xe 24 The work shows that formation of the xenon solid is very important in order to get quality results—if only indirectly, in that they were unable to reproduce the much longer T1 times that were obtained by the Princeton group.

Nka ja , nke je , . . , |f = |mK = −1/2; . . , nka ja − 1, nke je + 1, . . 35) Here, the number of phonons (occupation number) with momentum hk ¯ a and polarization xja in the mode where a phonon will be absorbed is given by nka ja . The number of phonons in the state that a phonon will be emitted to is given by nke je . The final state represents the change in the number of phonons of each mode, as well as the flipped nuclear spin state. Note that this is a nonequilibrium process as the phonon occupation numbers have changed.

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